April 29, 2005

Best movie ever?

I had a coupon -- a 2-for-1 deal at any Cineplex Odeon theater. The expiry date was last night so I had to use it. So Kenric and I went to see a movie called Millions at the Sheppard Grande.

As with all indie-type films, I didn't expect a great deal of it. Usually films like this hit more often than miss, but you never really know. Kenric and I are both big fans of these types of movies. I guess you could call us "artsy" but I prefer to call it "selective".

There are good movies and then there are great movies. And further, there are special movies. "Millions" fits in the Special Movie category. I wouldn't say it was as good or better than my all-time favorite movie ("Forrest Gump"). But I think it just became my #2 all-time favorite, toppling "Almost Famous".

You can read the synopsis on the website I posted above.

I would recommend it to anyone. 10/10.


b.p. said...

test - i posted a comment yesterday but for some reason, it's now gone.

eBrian said...

So what was it?