April 22, 2005

I Thirst!

I have been ultra thirsty the last few days. I think on average I've had about 1L per day for the past 3-4 days. (Yes, I know that we're supposed to be drinking a lot more than that, but realize that I used to drink maybe one cup of *fluids* per day).

As a result my bladder has been going haywire. I could barely survive the subway ride home, and then while I was getting my haircut I had to go so badly.

Ooh, at the haircutting place, they had some magazines. I read one that was talking about Shrek, and they said that there are two more on the way -- Shrek 3 and Shrek 4! w00t! The next one will be about Shrek meeting King Arthur and the knights of the round table, and then the one after that will be a prequel about why Shrek lived in the swamp.

Also, they said that Chris Farley was originally supposed to do Shrek, not Mike Myers. That's pretty amazing, considering how Myers' career has pretty much taken off as a result of this "gig". It could have been all Farley.. if he hadn't OD'd. And let's face it.. his career pretty much sucked. What a shame.

My haircut -- I'm completely bald. There is more hair in my eyebrows than on my scalp. After they cut it, I asked them to shave it with a razor. It's pretty nifty but my head feels really cold all the time now. I might have to wear a toque to work tomorrow.

By the way, work is better now. I am enjoying it again. That March thing was a killer for me, February and March dragged so much that I was thinking about quitting, but it's passed now. I'm really enjoying it.. I feel like I'm making a strong contribution each day and sometimes it really tests me which makes it that much more enjoyable.

Also, I talked to my boss about my planned vacations and he seemed okay with it when I mentioned possibly 3 weeks in June or July. I mean, if he's okay with 3 weeks, then when I tell him it'll be 4 weeks, he won't flip out.. at least I hope not. The City operates minimally in the summer, because everyone is on vacation. That's probably the only reason I could get away with doing something like this. (Taking an entire month off). I'm not bald btw. It's way too cold right now for that. Maybe in the summer.


Psycho Girl said...

Don't forget you said I could cut it next time

Lon said...

dude, i went bold thursday too. I just used the clippers with no guard though... craziness.

eBrian said...

Buzz cut or completely bald? I'm not completely bald, but my hair was so long before that I feel almost bald. I might do it in the summer.

I might *have* to do it after psychogirl is finished with me..