April 10, 2005

May 20

As some of you know, there is an upcoming conference on May 18-20th for those of us who are involved with worship ministry and/or just really like it. :)

The Unite In Worship conference is organized by unite productions and features tons of workshops taught by many of our favorite Christian songwriters, musicians and worship leaders: Noel Richards, Paul Wilbur, Marty Sampson, Joel Houston, Vicky Beeching, Brian Doerksen, Phil Dooley. In other words, about half of the authors of the worship music you've sung in the past year will be there =P

I am planning to take both days off (May 19-20) to attend this conference. Anyone who's interested please let me know before April 20 (early bird deadline).

May 20th is the last gathering/concert. It starts at 6:30pm. Hillsong United, Vicky Beeching, Noel Richards, Phil Dooley and Something Like Silas will be performing and I think it'd be cool to go as a group. $14.95.

Vicky Beeching

Who's Vicky Beeching, many of you are wondering. She's one of the hosts of one of my favorite things on the web, the New Song Cafe on worshiptogether.com. New Song Cafe invites an artist in to play one of their hit songs, and the host asks what inspired them to write the song, and then the artist plays it once and teaches (us) how to play them.

Anyway if you check it out right now, you'll see they do an April Fool's joke where Vicky interviews herself and she teaches her song "Yesterday, Today and Forever". Pretty good song if you ask me, although her guitar skills are uber and I still can't play it.

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