April 06, 2005


If you haven't watched tonight's episode yet, do not read any further.

No television show has made me cry like Lost did tonight. I remember shedding a few tears when Cheers ended. I cried when Will Smith's father abandoned him for the second time on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But nothing could have prepared me for tonight Lost episode when Boone died. It was the single most sadest moment of television I can think of.

I guess in some ways we can all relate to Boone. He was kind of a loner. He didn't have a really important role on the show. He was kind of lost, searching for meaning in his life. He didn't have much purpose but what kept him going was his loved ones. He was in love with someone who would never feel the same way in return. The sacrifices he made for his sister, they were reckless but he did them anyway. I dunno, I really felt sorry for the guy.

So when he died, or when he told Jack to just let him died, I bawled my eyes out. It's just a sad story, when a person is ready to give up on his life. Jack was ready to amputate the dude's leg and just regained consciousness, enough to tell Jack to "let go". And then with his last breath, he asked Jack to tell his sister "tell Shannon.. tell Shannon.." and then he died.

It's like.. when a loved one dies, it's sad. But the flip side of it is when you die, you are losing your loved ones. I guess I see now, what it would be like without Christ, knowing that if I died and that was the end, the finality of it.

I don't even watch this show all that regularly. I guess it was either really good acting or really good directing, or a culmination of both. It moved me.

Then afterwards, I was filled with joy when Claire had given birth to her baby boy, and then Jack, faced with the beautiful child and then seeing Shannon returning from a romantic night with Sayid, only to find that her brother was dead. And that Jack had to be the one to break it to her.

Man it was brutal, I cried again there, probably harder than Shannon did.

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