April 22, 2005

NBA Predictions


MVP: Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns

There's no question in my mind that Steve Nash should be the MVP for this season. Yes, Shaq has made a difference in Miami -- but it *IS* the Eastern Conference. Miami was already a playoff team last year, whereas Phoenix was a 50-loss team last year.

Rookie of the Year: Ben Gordon

I called this one last year before Gordon was even drafted. It really comes down to him and Okafor. It's hard to argue because Okafor averaged a double-double. Although Gordon beat him in ppg. Bottom line here goes to overall record and how much they affected their team. Ben Gordon is responsible for why the Bulls are in the playoffs. He led the league in scoring in the 4th quarter -- this not just a stat among rookies, he beat *everyone*.

Coach of the Year: Rick Carlisle

Rick deserves this because he was devastated by injuries and suspensions, and still managed to lead this team of misfits into the playoffs. He rejuvenated Reggie Miller, lost his best player in Ron Artest and was missing Jermaine O'Neal for half of the year.

Executive of the Year: Danny Ainge

Ainge had a fantastic year, putting together first of all, an amazing draft by getting Al Jefferson, Delonte West and Tony Allen. Then he went and traded for Antoine Walker, and gave Boston something to cheer about as they won their division.

Sixth Man of the Year: Ben Gordon

On top of the accolades I have already mentioned about Gordon, he also led all scorers of players coming off the bench.

Most Improved Player of the Year: Grant Hill

Injured over the past 3-4 years, he finally put together a healthy season, and although not quite the Grant Hill that once made him my favorite player, had a really solid season.

Defensive player of the Year: Andrei Kirilenko

Missed half the year, but those numbers he's got.. he averaged, 3 blocks per game, 2 steals? He's a phenomenal player. Unlike other defensive specialists, he also averaged 16 ppg.

All-NBA Teams

First Team
C: Shaquille O'Neal
F: Dirk Nowitzki
F: Tim Duncan
G: Lebron James
G: Steve Nash

I have seen Lebron listed in some places as a guard, and sometimes as a forward. If he were a forward, I would Tim Duncan down to the Second Team -- that's how good I think Lebron is. And actually, Duncan has been listed as either a Forward or a Center.

Second Team
C: Amare Stoudamire
F: Kevin Garnett
F: Tracy McGrady
G: Allen Iverson
G: Kobe Bryant

Since these lists are based according to how good they are at their position, Kobe makes the list. Otherwise he wouldn't make the Fourth Team! To continue on Lebron's alternate position, McGrady would fall to the 4th team. If Duncan were a Center, he would have fallen to the Third Team. Amare Stoudamire would not be as good as he is without Nash, but with Nash he is a beast.

Third Team
C: Yao Ming
F: Vince Carter
F: Shawn Marion
G: Ray Allen
G: Gilbert Arenas

Yao Ming would not make this team if Duncan was a Center. I hate seeing Vince here but he has had a great year since being traded. He seems to be his old self now. And from what recent articles suggests, I hate Rafer Alston.

Here are my predictions for the 2005 NBA Playoffs:

Miami over New Jersey in 4.
Washington over Chicago in 6.
Indiana over Boston in 6.
Detroit over Philadelphia in 4.

Miami over Washington in 4.
Detroit over Indiana in 4.

Detroit over Miami in 4.

Phoenix over Memphis in 5.
Dallas over Houston in 6.
Seattle over Sacramento in 7.
San Antonio over Denver in 4.

Phoenix over Dallas in 6.
San Antonio over Seattle in 4.

San Antonio over Phoenix in 7.

Detroit over San Antonio in 6.

Btw, I will be cheering for Indiana in the East and Phoenix in the West.

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eBrian said...

I'll be posting a follow-up post on this after the first round is over.. but man, I came pretty close for all of them. Certainly no upsets yet. Crossin' my digits for the Pacers!!