April 25, 2005

Most wonderful scent

This morning I put on my jacket and I was overcome by a wonderful aroma. I was almost taken aback, and I immediately disrobed it, exhaled fully, scrunged up my jacket into a ball, and thrusted my face into it. I took the biggest inhale and -- Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....


I love pho. It is my favorite food, better than anything that I can think of. I love the very idea of pho -- noodles and beef, lots of beef. And it's cheap too.

It's the total package -- tastes great, filling, cheap. And to top it off, the smell soaks into your clothes and that aroma lasts for days.

It is pretty much the only food that I can still have a craving for even though I just had a hunking bowl of it. You can get me to do anything for you just for a bowl of pho. I'm salivating even as I type this. Sigh.. I better stop, can't concentrate!

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