December 21, 2005

The hills are alive...

I watched The Sound of Music on the weekend, and I must say it has to be one of the top movies I've ever seen. Obviously I've seen it many times before.

Anyway, something dawned on me while I was watching it. Or rather, something somewhat amusing and curious -- could a person like Maria actually exist in real life, and if so, that person would be my ideal girlfriend/wife.

  • loves God wholeheartedly
  • will put aside her own goals to follow God and do His work
  • beautiful
  • amazing singer
  • plays guitar
  • innocent
  • loves children
  • independent
  • speaks her mind
  • knows what's right and wrong
  • good fashion sense
  • joyful and happy
  • awkward and silly at the appropriate times
  • forgiving
  • funny

  • I mean if that's not the perfect woman, then I don't know what is.

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    michellejl said...

    Great movie, one of my favourites for sure! :) Do you have the do-re-mi song stuck in your head now? haha I hope you find your "Maria", Brian. I'm sure she's out there somewhere. :)