December 10, 2005

Me, Part 1

I'm an insensitive person.

I have difficulty in relating to people's plights, if I cannot see their side of the story. And I'm pretty much blind in that regard. For a really sensitive person, I am completely ignorant when it comes to issues that need to be look at from a different perspective. I overlook the fact that people have different opinions than mine, or have different experiences that may affect their judgement.

For am emotional guy, I tend to look at other people's things from a very practical sense. I forget that everyone has their opinions -- or rather, I ignore them and take a higher road. When I'm examining something for myself, I am selfish and tend to look at it from all angles, but when dealing with other people's lamentations, all I see is black and white.

I think for this reason there are times I rub people the wrong way and they think I'm a smart-ass or a dick.

I'm a hypocrite. I point out other people's faults, and then when I do the same, that's okay with me because I'm not out to correct myself, I'm out to "help" others.

I'm a lost cause, so why bother trying to fix me? We'd be better off fixing you. At least you have something going for you. But me, there's no point. I'm hopeless. That's what I always think.

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