December 09, 2005

Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush is going to be the greatest running back in the history of the NFL. The best ever.

My 4th choice for the Final Four is Oklahoma.

But let's get back to Reggie Bush. I mean this guy is the real deal. He is going to go to some NFL team (likely the Texans), and he is going break every NFL rushing record. When he's finished with that, he'll re-break them, and then again, and again. And again. Bush is an absolute beast, he is like Shaun Alexander, Priest Holmes and Barry Sanders all wrapped up into one amazing specimem of raw talent and athleticism rolled into one.

I remember all the hype surrounding Ricky Williams when he came into the league, how he'd bowl over his defenders with this unbelievable strength that he had. Granted he was damn good in the NFL, but Reggie Bush is different. Where Ricky was dominating and powerful, Reggie will be dazzling and awesome. You will see him make plays that you thought were only possible to do in a video game.

I was reading this one article about a sports writer who said that in all his years of covering college sports, he had uttered the words "Oh my God" once. But in watching Reggie Bush games, he had seen 4 games and uttered those 3 words in each game.

Can you imagine if a player like this comes to the NFL, and completely dominates, much like the way Barry Sanders once did? A human-highlight-reel in the NFL, dodge, straight-arming and making defenders look foolish?

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