December 12, 2005

Why Me?

I don't know.

And yes, it's a really cheap way of telling people about me, by hiding behind this monitor and keyboard and saying things about myself that I would normally never say aloud. It's safe. Well, safer anyway.

What I mean to say is that I have absolutely no motives for doing this.


I won my playoff game. My team started 6-1 and then proceeded to lose 6 games in a row and fall to 6-7, just barely clinching the 8th seed in the playoffs. So then I had to play the best team in the league. And I won! My first win in nearly 2 months, and it was good because I needed the win. The funny thing is all the top seeds lost!

Harry Potter

I watched Harry Potter. I have seen the previous 3 movies. I was lost though, I didn't know what was happening most of the time, and I couldn't understand all of the dialogue. It was very confusing. There were some really neat graphics though. Harry's getting older. His buddy Ron looks like a total dork. Would it hurt to cut his hair a little? And the girl is getting pretty pretty.

I give it a 6/10.

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michellejl said...

I find it interesting when people share things about themselves, that wouldn't normally be talked about. It is safer, but what's wrong with that? And it's not "cheap" geez! :P I can relate with much of what you've said too. I hope you will continue! :)