January 12, 2007


Coming out of Urbana, I have a clear picture of what God wants me to do. I've been pretty excited. Mind you, probably not as excited today as I was 2 weeks ago, but excited nonetheless. I had "coincidentally" joined a Long-term Solution committee, a joint effort between 3 other churches to try to further His kingdom through means beyond VBS and door-to-door canvasing in Longlac and Ginoogaming. I had been to Urbana and felt God's call for me serve Native people. I had personally seen how these people needed God more than ever because they were being forgotten.

Yesterday I received an email from Sylvia, one of the girls from TKPC who we had met with last year to discuss their vision for Longlac. There's a meeting at MCPC in two weeks where all 4 church leads (usually the pastors) will meet up to discuss this years' plans for STM to Longlac. It's exciting because we generally try to work together so that we aren't all teaching the same lessons or have the exact same theme. Our thinking is to offer the kids a comprehensive package of VBS, rather than drilling the same thoughts (not that this would be bad either) and ideas into their heads. Anyway I've been invited to this meeting, never been a part of it before.

Of course the reality is that what we teach people is more likely to be forgotten than retained. Ultimately missions is all about building relationships, gaining trust, and sharing personal experiences.

Anyway, in this email Syl apologizes about not following up with committee, and the reason for that --- I was the *only* person who showed any interest!

What the frack!!! Does no one care?!?!

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