January 02, 2007

Urbana: Unify Us

We lift our song
Sing as one voice
To the King, let it ring
We need You

We lift up our lives
A living sacrifice
Give it all, all Your call
We need You

At Urbana I was exposed to a huge dose of God, of prayer, praise and worship, a constant feeding of God's word and instruction. I felt the Spirit moving in me, I felt peace, and this unending urge to smile and laugh as a result of it. It was a 5-day spiritual buffet of love, an all-you-can-eat of blessings and teachings.

Going from what I suspect was a tiny morsel of what heaven must be like, to the "real world", I feel the need to feed again and I'm just now realizing how hard that can be when we are faced with so many distractions, negative thoughts and feelings, sin.

Unify us
Purify us
So that we will change the world
So that we will change the world

It's made me realize how much I need God. How much WE need God. How I need to always recognize His grace, in knowing that He is there for me, that He is calling my name and reaching out His hand towards me. It's hard, I think, to also have that mindset with all the things going on around us in everyday life.

And as I try to continue this walk in Jesus, I must strive to maintain a balance between gorging on spiritual nourishment, and eventually feeding others. God is a missionary God, we're all called to serve in missions one way or another, so we need that balance.

Jesus you are our hope
Giver of life
Without you what could we do
We need you

Towards the end of the conference, the emcee Greg Jao spoke about how the transition between "Urbana-world" to "real-world" would be difficult, because regular life is so much busier, so much more distracting, etc. I've been feeling that this morning. So many overwhelming feelings and thoughts, and as real life creeps back in, so many distractions and temptations.

We need you Lord
We need you Lord
We need you Lord
Here our cry

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Tim said...

You don't know me at all, but thank you for your comments regarding Urbana. I graduated from university this past year and I think that being outside of school made this conference even more impacting on me than i could have possibly imagined. God is a good God. He is merciful and faithful. He reigns in His people and by the blood of His son Jesus, all things are made good. Thank you for your insights and sharing how God is not just real for you in particular circumstances, but that you are seeking Him out. I too understand the "returning to 'real-life'" syndrome, but pursue God relentlessly. He will remain faithful. Urbana is past, but renewed life in Christ is just beginning!