January 01, 2007

Urbana (Happy New Year)

I felt so happy today. I'm still happy. I feel so unbelievably blessed.

Worship time was so good, the place just absolutely erupted tonight, it was so amazing. God broke down the walls of inhibitions tonight. I sit here today and admit, proudly, that I, ebrian, danced. I've made this excuse in the past, where I'd say that dancing is silly and that I would probably only dance if something truly amazing happened, like for Jesus' second coming. Well that's not quite what happened but I let's just say I was really into it.

And honestly, I probably looked pretty ridiculous, but I didn't care. God was "in da house" and I was soaking it all in.

I spent most of the day reflecting on what God has been speaking to me about over the past few days. I've committed myself to the Ojibwey people of the Longlac area. I know it's where God's calling me to commit, and that feeling of being certain of where the Almighty wants me is so satisfying, so fulfilling. That fact alone had me smiling for most of the day, and just feeling so uplifted and relieved. I don't know how else to describe it other than that I felt "full" of spirit.

I know what Chris Tomlin was singing about in his song "Enough", that all of God, is more than enough. I feel satisfied like I had a big meal and you kind of just sit there patting your stomach and smiling.

God is good.

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