January 10, 2007

Modes Ponens

Back in school, we had this logic course, it was called Mathematical Logic, and it was a beast of a course. So many proofs.. if A, then B, etc. I remember the textbook was a baby blue color, about the size of a tiny notebook, and costed $120. We learned about words like "tautology", and "modes ponens". I really had no idea what any of this meant but when writing out a proof, at some point you would write 'modes ponens', and then you could skip several steps of the proof and then, QED.

I never knew what QED meant either. Just looked it up.. says "quod erat demonstrandum", or "which was to be demonstrated". In highschool, Mr. Ha told us it meant "Quite Easily Done". I like this latter definition better.

Here are a few if A, then B scenarios I have come up with.

Prove: If Brian is wearing light colored pants, then pen ink and/or permanent marker will gravitate towards my pants.
Alternate B: Brian is more likely to have a nosebleed.

Tautology: If Brian is wearing light colored pants, then he is more prone to mishaps involving things that cause stains.

It's like some voice is saying in the morning: "Brian, don't wear your brown pants today because you are going to spill soy sauce all over your leg, and you want to make sure everyone can see it even after it dries up. Oh, and you can forget about combing your hair because you're gonna have the worst case of hat-head ever from wearing your toque this morning."

Anyway.. enough of that. QED.


Yesterday the entire 27th floor had to evacuate at Metro Hall. The fire alarm had been activated on the 29th, so we all headed down the stairs. I figured out a way to descend the stairs without making my legs extremely sore the next day.. using my arms on the rails, I descended the stairs as if my life depended on getting down as soon as possible. It worked.. shuffling my feet and letting gravity take over, I flew down the stairs.

And so, my arms hurt today, which is far more bearable than sore legs.

My new year resolution was to start working out, and my excuse for not starting was because I was jet lagged. The jet lag is gone. My arms are sore from a fire evacuation.. so that's enough exercise for this week.. QED.


I have noticed over the past few months that my physical wounds stick around. I have had many cuts and bruises in my days of yore, from paper cuts to large gashes from falling off really big rocks that I tried to climb.

Aside from my cd-rom mishap in highschool, I've never had any scars that remained. For some reason my regenerative skin cells are no longer working full time. If I get a cut, it takes weeks to heal and what's worse is that it doesn't even re-form the way it was before.

So.. I guess the metabolism was the first to go as I got older.. and next, the regenerative ability of my cell tissues. What's next?

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