January 15, 2007


Ina was telling me that I have a habit of mentioning names of girls in my blog, whom I have a crush on. That, as if by some cosmic force, Ina believes that I start mentioning the object of my affections in my blog entries. What's worse, is that Ina told me that others know this about me, and apparently (according to Ina) many girls have commented on this before. I wonder if there are people out there, who, upon seeing their name appear on my blog, run for the hills. I hope not..

And how does it work exactly, I can imagine a large tally board listing each name I have mentioned, and a frequency table marking each time I've mentioned them on my blog. And then there's a play-by-play commentator, calling out names as they appear. "For those of you just tuning in.. it's a tie between A, B and C. A hush has come over the crowd as we await, who will break this hotly contested 3-way tie. Oh, what's this? A new girl? Mentioned 9 times? Oh my goodness.. a new entry, D, has blown her way past all 3 front runners and is all alone in front! This is crazy folks, oh the insanity! In my 40 years of name-counting, I have never seen *anything* like this! WHOAAAA.. 15 more times?!?! Looks like we've got ourselves a winner!"

This observation from Ina makes me nervous as well as a bit paranoid. Firstly, if what Ina says is true, then imagine what people must think of me. I must've mentioned at least a hundred different names over the past five years. And secondly, maybe there's something terribly wrong with my psyche. Could Ina have discovered something terribly wrong with me, perhaps a psychological disorder? Scary..

Now let's say for a minute (not that I'm admitting that Ina is right), that perhaps what Ina has suggested does have some truth to it. Maybe my subconscious mind subliminally whispers a name to me over and over, and as a result, I just type them out instead of saying "her" or "she", I say "Ina" or "Ina". I really don't know. It's weird.. I never really thought about this before.

Perhaps I need to be more conscious about the names that I mention on my blog.. I wouldn't want people like Ina to get the wrong idea.

I hope that clears things up..

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