October 18, 2004

ben affleck

It seems that I haven't been all that fair to Ben. I did a bit of research today, to see just how many bad movies Ben Affleck has starred in, and how many good movies. Mind you, because of my prejudice against Ben I haven't seen a whole lot of his movies -- because quite frankly, I try my best to avoid them.

I think ultimately the reason for my prejudice is the sheer disgust I have of the bad movies he's been in. I mean, when they're bad, they're REALLY BAD. Following up this post I will name a few others whose movies I tend to avoid out of sheer prejudice.

Bad Movies with Ben Affleck
Daredevil (2003) ... Mat Murdock/Daredevil
Changing Lanes (2002) ... Gavin Banek
*Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) ... Holden McNeil/Himself
Bounce (2000) ... Buddy Amaral
Reindeer Games (2000) ... Rudy Duncan
Forces of Nature (1999) ... Ben Holmes

*denotes a bad movie where it wasn't Ben's fault

Decent Movies with Ben Affleck
Pearl Harbour (2001) ... Capt. Rafe McCawley
^Boiler Room (2000) ... Jim Young
Dogma (1999) ... Bartleby
Armageddon (1998) ... A.J. Frost
^Shakespeare in Love (1998) ... Ned Alleyn
^Good Will Hunting (1997) ... Chuckie Sullivan
Chasing Amy (1997) ... Holden McNeil
Mallrats (1995) ... Shannon Hamilton

^denotes a good movie that really had nothing to do with Ben Affleck

So, from the above lists, you can see first off, that Ben is due to make a cameo appearance in a good movie, and, he has had a bad movie every year for 5 straight years. I haven't seen Jersey Girl (2004) or Gigli (2003) yet but I have a feeling that when I do I can just add it to the Bad Movies list.

Also, word of caution is that when I say "Decent Movie", I don't mean 'memorable movies'. I really mean "okay" movies, as in ones I wouldn't gouge my eyes out if someone forced me to watch them.

Look, I'm not targeting Ben Affleck. In fact I like Ben. I admire that he's cool, plays poker, and is a die-hard Sox fan. The real trouble with Ben is he keeps picking these really bad scripts. Maybe he needs to fire his agent, or maybe he needs to spend some more time with is buddy Matt Damon (who has a pretty nice resume). The last time Ben has produced a solid effort was in 1997 in Chasing Amy. He's due..!

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