October 11, 2004


Last night I was invited to Kenric's for Thanksgiving dinner. I haven't eaten to that degree of fullness for a long, long time. Thanks for the invite and thanks auntie Shelby for the awesome food.

Thanksgiving is great time for spending time with loved ones. Just hanging out and being with my friends was really great. Of course I'd trade it all in to spend the night with my family but that isn't going to happen, so I have to go with the next best thing. I've very grateful for Kenric's friendship this past year and was really happy to spend Thanksgiving with him.

spiderman revisited

Just for the record, in the comics, Spiderman has faced Wolverine, and the only reason Spiderman didn't defeat Wolverine was because he came to the conclusion that they only way to beat him was to KILL him, and so he gave up because as we all know, Spiderman is against killing.

So here's my statement for Parker vs. Logan: Parker CAN beat Logan if it is a fight to the death, but if it is just a fight, the fight would last until one of them got tired. Spiderman would pummel Wolverine because he's quicker (his spider-sense) and stronger (can lift approx. 12 tons compared to Wolverine's 1 ton), but Wolverine has the healing ability.

I've been reading a lot about Spiderman and Superman and it seems Superman would beat Spiderman afterall, because it's just way too hard to find kryptonite in the first place. Apparently it's tough to get your hands on that stuff.. BUT, since Batman can beat Superman, and Spiderman can beat Batman, by that logic, Spiderman could beat Superman, by getting to Batman first.

But to deal with the issue of "hotness". In my opinion it's too difficult to tell because they all originate from comics, so it really just depends on the artist. Unless you go by movies actors, which I cannot allow to play a big factor. But here's another way of looking at 'hotness', which is looking at their girls.

Spiderman has Mary Jane Watson, who is of course hot, because she's an actress, a beautiful redhead. And she calls him "Tiger". That's got to count for something. Kirsten Dunst is a cutie and has had one nomination for a Golden Globe.

Superman has Lois Lane. Yeah she's alright, she's a journalist though not even a TV anchor. Obviously she's not good looking enough to even be on TV. Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher.. not good looking, and no significant nominations to date.

Wolverine has NO ONE. Jean Grey chose the loser Cyclops over Wolverine.. how sad is that. Wolverine had some pretty "intimate" encounters with Sabertooth..

Looking at each superhero and who they're with gives significant information on their hotness. Therefore Spiderman wins, even in hotness.

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