October 21, 2004

can't type

I have had trouble typing with my left had the last few days, and I blame Chris Tomlin. Yes, it's Chris' fault that I can't type, because I can't stop playing songs from Arriving. Indescribable, Holy Is The Lord, How Great Is Our God and Unfailing Love. Well, those are all the chords I've been able to find. The Way I Was Made also just came out, but I'm still learning that one.

I also blame Jon for sending me the link to the New Song Cafe, which has caused all this fuss over learning how to play just like Chris, which has really enlightened me in mixing things up a little bit with the chords and fingering while strumming. I must've played through Indescribable about 40 times in the past 3 days as a result.

strumming vs. picking

I've also come to the realization that I may never ever learn now to pick, because I love strumming so much more. That sound that it makes.. the strumming, i LoVE it.. Maybe someday I may be inspired to pick. Maybe.

Although I supposed the chicks dig the picking songs..

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