October 02, 2004

friday morning

Yesterday I was in no mood for anything. The day started with me sleeping and taking my grandparents to see an eye doctor. Grampa had complained of soreness in his eyes months ago and we booked this guy (a specialist) for an appointment. First of all, he was so far away. College and Bathurst! So first it took a long time to get there. Then they didn't have parking so I had to circle around the block until I found one. Had to park close so GPs wouldn't have to walk far.

Then we go in and it's another 30 minute wait, even though we were right in time for our appointment.

Finally when we saw the doctor he just said his eyes were dry and to buy some drops. Great.

friday afternoon

After that I took my grandparents out for dim sum. We ate at Furama, which is just west of Yonge/Steeles. I didn't get to have much food, but it was enjoyable. The time I was rushing though because I still had to go back to work!

Work was crazy.. I got there at 2 and it was non-stop til around 5:30. Since we're rolling out the application to the different groups in parallel, and doing training all week at the same time I hadn't been able to do my own work so I had to catch up. And then of course the users.. as system admin it's crazy the number of complaints and confused calls I get. Endless..

I was really looking forward to small group so I could unwind. I was really looking for a time of relaxation and singing.. but it turns out it was a prayer/sharing night. Which is fine, but I really would prefer singing..

Then I heard from Kenric that kyrios was doing just that, so I thought hey, I can go to that instead.

what really happened

What really happened was I had dinner with Kenric and Duncan at T&T's food court (which by the way is great food and low low prices). Then afterwards I went and filled up the gas for my car, and then went to Kyrios.

But at Kyrios I was kicked out, because apparently they have a policy of "no adults". At first I thought Yvonne was just kidding, but she was serious.. Dejected, I sulked back to my car. It was either that or show up at small group late with a program where I didn't really want to be, or go home. I also needed to be home by 10 so I could call my brother for his birthday. So I drove home.

Luckily Jason Morant really lifted my spirits on the way back. When I got home, I went to the DVD rental place and got Daredevil and Matchstick Men. I played some guitar and computer, and watched Daredevil, stopped to watch Justice League Unlimited, and then back to Daredevil.

daredevil review

I must say I heard some really bad things about this movie. And also going by my hunch that all Ben Affleck movies suck, and also that all Colin Farrell movies suck -- I figured this was going to be a double-whammy of suckiness. I mean all that's missing is Pauly Shore right?

Well, it was the best movie I've ever seen. The acting was excellent and the plot made total sense. The action and fighting scenes were superb and the computer graphics were really cool. The dialogue/script was top-notch.

Okay, now look back at that paragraph and replace:
'best' with 'worst', 'excellent' with 'atrocious', 'total' with 'no', 'superb' with 'awful', 'cool' with 'crappy' and 'top-notch' with 'just what you'd expect from a movie starring Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell. Pure garbage. These two guys are officially blacklisted. I still plan on watching Alexander but I will cover my ears whenever Farrell speaks. I guess this was God's way of punishing me for skipping small group.'

I give this movie 10/10 stars, because that's how many stars I see after banging my head against the wall repeatedly to punish myself for picking such a horrible movie.

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