October 03, 2004

if the world revolved around me..

then everyone would have nice things to say about me, and i would always be treated with kindness and generosity. people would pray for me, and care about me, and go out of their way to make my life easier and happier. spend time with me, make me laugh and cry.

but -- the world doesn't revolve around me. and so I'm ever so thankful for all the people around me who have been such a vital part of my life.

this past year and a half, being in gladys' small group has been a blessing. i keep thinking it's like "the end of an era", but now I see it's just the beginning. today i received a packet of some notes left by some of the people: words of wisdom, encouragement and thanks. well since i foolishly skipped out on friday, i will post my notes here.

gladys - thanks for teaching me the importance of balance. i am very grateful for this lesson and constant reminder. thank you for your selflessness and personal sacrifice of time and effort in leading the group. what i admire most about you is your constant pursuit of knowledge and of God.

anita - thanks for your constant words of encouragement. for the late night chats and for humbling (dissing) me all the time. thanks for driving me around when i didn't feel like driving! you always have really insightful things to say during the meetings and it always sparks a good discussion. what i admire most about you is your genuine concern of others peoples' spiritual/well-being. and being able to put up with a ridiculing family -- i don't know how you do it..

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God."

kevin - your freakish memory is astounding! you have been like an older brother to me. thanks for being a great friend and for being a positive and challenging influence on me.

and the rest.. you have been great friends to me. aside from small group we've hung out together and played sports, sung together, jammed, played video games. these are memories that i will cherish forever. thanks for being there.

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