October 26, 2004


Is it me or has blogger become progressively worse since google took over? It's so slow now, and I almost always 'notepad' my blogs before posting because I just know it's going to crash when I try to post, and then when i hit 'back' my post will be gone.

It's been awhile since I blogged and the reason for that was the above reason -- typing out a really long post only to have it completely disappear into thin air. Google/Pyra labs -- if you are reading this, please fix the problem. Why is it that whenever really great companies become rich, they start to suck arse? Even GMail is incredibly slow and crashes quite often.

the old days

So the akt and I were reminiscing the old days, like really old days. Primary school days. It's kinda funny that we both read a lot of the same novels, as I'm sure many of you can testify.. like all the Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books, and the Gordon Korman books. "This Can't be Happening at Macdonald Hall" (Bruno & Boots!!), Ramona Quimby, and Encyclopedia Brown.

Am I the only one here who thinks Encyclopedia Brown was a chinese kid?

And there were other books.. Superfudge. Beware of the Fish. Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great. Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing. All those "Brain" books, "The Incredible Brain", "The Great Brain". That kid rocked..

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I swear I think I must've read over 20 Hardy Boys books.. at least, all the ones our library had. There was even a couple when Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys worked together on a case or two. Sweet Valley High, Babysitter's Club <--- these are akt books, I didn't read these.

Statement: ebrian did not read "Sweet Valley High" or "Babysitter's Club" books.

And teachers who picked on us.. I had this grade 5 teacher, man he hated me so much..

And kids who picked on us. Kids we picked on. I punched a girl once, in grade 3 [blushes]. I'm not ashamed though, she was a big girl! But in general, I didn't get in fights. I was pushed around a lot, as a scrawny little chinese kid. Or I should just say "The Chinese Kid". Yeah, that was me from grades 1-5 or so.. the chinese kid.

Play Day's, those were always fun.

Also I remember when we were about grade 3 or 4, that's when Sandylion came out with furry stickers, and that was just crazy, because every day at recess we would have this MASSIVE "marketplace" where kids would be trading furry stickers. Of course me being chinese and my parents being practical adults who didn't spend money on anything fun, I had ZERO stickers to trade. I didn't even have a sticker book, I remember carrying around a sheet of paper hoping someone would hand out freebies. So I ended up with all the crappy stickers.. the happy faces, hearts, squares, circles. How terribly sad..

Mental note: When you have kids, remember how you felt at the furry sticker marketplace, when your kid asks you if you will buy him/her a "[insert trendy kid's toy here]".

What about stuffed animals, did you any of you have a "special someone"? I had this little lion guy, named "Zoobeedoo". He's kickin' around here somewhere. I'm sure if I clean my room I'll find him. He was my pal for sure.. he brought me through some of the tough times. I'm sure I must've had some good talks with him. I think I really missed out on that boat too though.. I mean Zoobee was cool and all, but I really couldn't hug him. He was too small to hug.. Pinkie, the big pink dog was really the one I used for hugging. Err.. I think I've said too much.

Oh yeah -- Sports. Yes, a very 'manly' topic. I was as bad at sports then as I am now, except back then I could run like the wind. All my base-hits in T-Ball were because I could run fast.. yes, the ball slowly trickled towards the second baseman, I was already on my way to third base. That was me.. the speedster who couldn't hit if his life depended on it, even though the ball just sits there on top of the T.

I already had my asthma even back then, but I could still run pretty fast. I liked being "IT" in tag for instance, because I could catch anyone, rather easily in fact (no touch-backs!). Long distance was my worst enemy though..

Well that was fun, I feel old now.

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