October 10, 2004

manchurian candidate

I remember when I was little, watching movies with my dad, he'd be able to figure out exactly what was going to happen next. I could never understand that. There'd be this huge plot twist -- or it'd be a movie that I'd seen already and my dad would point in out in the beginning of the movie. He'd always tell me that he's seen too many movies and that eventually they all end up being the same.

I think Manchurian Candidate was a great movie. It was well acted and well written, the footage and direction was great. It's just a shame that I've seen too many movies so the great plot twists and shockers were obvious to me. I remember even thinking that during the movie, like "man, this would've been such a great movie if I hadn't already seen this movie, that movie, etc."

It makes me want to see the original, which starred the ol' Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra as Capt./Maj. Bennett Marco, in place of Denzel Washington. I could imagine if I'd seen a movie like this in the 60s, I would've thought it was unbelievable!


I have been spending a lot of time gaming this past week, because I purchased Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR). KOTOR started out really crappy but as my friend pointed out, once you get to control jedi's, the whole thing changes. He was right.. I love this game now.

KOTOR is a 3rd-person view Role Playing Game. It's great because I've never played anything quite like it because it's a Star Wars based game. All the other RPGs were medieval setting, other than Fallout which was, well, unlike any other game I can think of.


We made sushi rolls over at Duncan's today. And then we played Gamecube, mine which I brought over. We played a bit of Smash Brothers Melee and then moved onto Bomberman. I love bomberman, that's so much fun!


Friday night we were at Stan's place jamming. That was also fun, I had some fun with everyone by singing in falsetto with the girls. It's amazing how badly effected I was from my last bad cold, it completely wiped out my voice and kept me from hitting those high notes for 3-4 months!

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