March 23, 2006

Big Sub

I got my subwoofer yesterday. It's absolutely humongous. But let me share with you a hilarious conversation I had with a friend, Will from Maryland. [I kept our skillfull punctuation and spelling to retain the realness]
me: i got my sub. it's huge
Will: take a pic
Brian: I can't eblieve how big it is.. it's like an automan.. i could put a cushion on top and put my feet up
Will: haha nice
me: ok
me: maybe they're all that big, but i think it's just bigger than i expected
Will: where did you get it
i goto safeway for my subs now
cuz theyre enormous
me: i got mine from Onecall
i think.. some site grayson sent me
Will: ohhh i thought you were talkin about a sandwich
Will: u were making me hungry!
a giant sub
mmmmm sub
now i'm dis­ap­poin­ted
me: HAHAHA thats funny
Will: i want to eat a huge sub
like automon huge
He thought I was talking about a submarine sandwich!!

I haven't plugged in the subwoofer yet, since I cannot watch television. It has a giant speaker pointing down. I have a feeling that when I plug that sucker in, with a cd player, and Jack Johnson -- I'm gonna have some angry neighbors knocking on my door.


airhead said...

hahahahhahahaha ... funny

b.p. said...

Safeway is a grocery store! I'd be surprised if they started selling good quality subwoofers :)

(*sigh*, Torontonians :P)

michellejl said...

Yeah, I was thinking...didn't Safeway give it away? lol I take you don't have them there? :P
I wasn't going to be home for lunch the other day so I bought my husband a sub from Safeway. They are huge! :O

mil said...

HAHA that is s a funny convo!! :)

eBrian said...

yea.. there's no safeway here. by the sounds of it though, i wish we did.