March 02, 2006

Day 2

Day 1 was too easy, because I spent the entire day at work, and then the entire evening at the ACC watching the sad pathetic Toronto Raptors lose.

Today was tough though. I was sick today so I stayed home. So that's 8 hours right there of avoiding television. And then another 6-7 more for after hours. I meditated, which helped a lot. And then for the other 14.5 hours, I moped about. I read the passage for tomorrow's bible study for small group.

I played some games and I napped. I drank lots of orange juice.

I went out for dinner, to just get some food, came back and felt very cold (that was 30 minutes ago), I still feel really cold. I'm probably going to bed again in an hour or so.

I just read over this post, and boy is it ever boring.

1 comment:

C said...

Good job for not watching TV while ur at home all day.

I don't have a tv here...sometimes I really get an itch to watch tv and wish I had one here, tho I can get couch potatoey. I'm getting used to it so it's ok I guess :P

hope ur feeling better.