March 28, 2006

Bite the bullet

I had to bite the bullet yesterday. I was cleaning my bedroom when it occurred to me that it would probably take an entire week for me to clean my room, leaving little or no time to clean the rest of my place. With my parents' arrival looming, I realized there wasn't enough time for me to clean everything. So I called the maid and she'll be coming in to "accelerate" the process.

I've had a maid come in once before and managed to maintain relative cleanliness for approximately 2 months, so, now that I've reached the 5 month mark I don't feel as bad about my 'failing'.

Something interesting I discovered today, was that 2 people at work don't own a microwave. It boggles my mind how a person could survive without a microwave. I mean, what world is this that one can live without a microwave? To have to heat everything up using either a stovetop or oven? That's absolutely insane.. imagine how much time it would take. Let's say you had leftover food from the night before. You'd have to essentially re-cook it. Let's say it was pasta. How would you reheat pasta without cooking it and thus making it mushy? What a disaster, a total disaster.

Don't even get me started on popcorn..


b.p. said...

my friend's family didn't have a microwave until his late high school/early university years.

personally, i think stove popped popcorn smells and tastes much better than microwaved popcorn (and less artificial junk in it too). and when we didn't have microwavable popcorn, we used to use a popcorn popper; that was great too!

but i must say that microwave sure adds convenience.

GY said...

i didn't live with a microwave in my last term at university, haha... but that's only one term anyway.

eBrian said...

when I had made the beef brisket, i was told that to cook it over the stove to re-heat. I did that at first, but sometimes when I didn't have time i had to nuke it. It takes too long to re-heat with a stovetop, especially when you have a large pot. And you can't just go full blast because then you'd have to be watching it the whole time and stirring so that the bottom doesn't burn.

what kind of foods did you eat in university?