March 13, 2006

Day 13

Btw, I am an idiot. Every day I've been counting the days I have been Lenting, not realizing that the whole thing started on the 1st of the month, and I could have just taken the date.

Anyway.. someone found me some fun to play with, so here it is. There's this test, Johari Nohari -- I know it sound like some kind of occult chant, but it's not. It's a personality test but it's more about how people perceive you.

You take these two links, and go ahead and fill them in. The instructions are on the site.


Okay, so go ahead and do those, I won't be offended. This is really great because it gets updated on the fly. It's almost like watching tv!


michellejl said...

That was tough! Of course I only know you through blogging, so since I don't really know you, don't take mine too seriously. :P
I'm afraid to put that on my blog! lol But if I do, you better fill it out! hehe
Have a good night!

eBrian said...

yes.. i was thinking that too.. for people who don't really know me know me. I had enough trouble filling it out for someone else whom i actually knew.. took me almost an hour.