March 23, 2006


I know some of you have been wondering so..

My dad went in to get his test results yesterday afternoon. I talked to my mom this morning and she said the specialist found some bacteria (ulcer) in his stomach and he'll be okay. His stomach has already begun healing. He has about 8 pills to take every day for the next two weeks, and then he should be fine.

Thanks for all the prayers. The cool thing is that pretty much since the day I shared that he was ailing, he started getting better. I was talking to him about that and he said the pain basically stopped right around the exact same time that I told my small group to pray for him.

God is good! But we all knew that already :P


I wanted to add, that I did what many would consider a very stupid thing to do. But I did it anyway and I think it was the right thing to do. You see, I get these bi-weekly paystubs, and they show how many vacation days I have. They list them by the carry-overs from last year, and my current ones from this year.

For the longest time I wondered when they would subtract the 5 days I took off over the Christmas holidays. I figured there was a backlog of timesheets and that they were just taking forever to update. Essentially I had a surplus of 5 days that I should have had. Anyway, I contacted the payclerk and she was able to correct the error.

I have 4 weeks left now.

That's actually 1 more week than I was expecting. I was expecting to use 1 week for a vacation to Africa, 1 week for Longlac, and 1 week for Christmas time. But now I have an extra week. Clearly, I am not going to Africa because I haven't even started to research it, let alone plan it. So that gives me 2 weeks of extra vacation time! Currently, my plan is to use that time in the fall for some R&R for myself, and then find another missions trip for the additional week I found.


mil said...

yay, praise God about your dad! :)

C said...

good to hear the good news for your dad. the bacteria may have been h.pylori common in many people.

you can visit Vancouver on one of your vacation! :) and bring some other friends along for a group trip!