March 11, 2006

Day 11

I think reality kinda hit me today, when I was talking to my dad today on Google Talk. Okay.. I'll do sad news first, then happy news.

The sad news is while I was talking to my dad, he asked me about Lent, and pointed out that I got myself into it. I was lamenting on the fact that I was completely bored out of my mind with nothing to do, and he kind of laughed at me about it. He's right though, I could have done anything for Lent. I could have given up pork. Or chicken. Or meat altogether. That would have been easier than giving up TV. It's that point when your own dad laughs at you, that reality sets in.

Onto the happy news, or maybe the amazing news, is that I told my small group about my dad's illness last week on Friday, and according to him, his stomach has stopped hurting since that day. He's still going in for the test, and yeah I can't say I've got my hopes up but it's nevertheless an item of praise.

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