March 07, 2006

Pork chops, Q & A

I had written a post about death, but it's on Notepad at work. I'll have to post it tomorrow instead. Instead, let's all hear about what I had for dinner today.

Q: What's that you're eating there? It looks good.
A: Why hello there. I'm eating porkchops.

Q: What's so great about porkchops?
A: I can tell you with great certainty there is absolutely nothing "great" about porkchops. It's just pork and salt. And pepper. It's a little fatty but all in all, pretty tasty indeed.

Q: Say, what the heck is that pink stuff next to your porkchop?
A: Oh, that's applesauce. Actually, it's strawberry applesauce, so it's got the added yummy strawberry flavor on top of the tangy applesauce flavor.

Q: Wait, wait. Are you saying that you're having pork with apple?
A: I sure am. It's really yummy. I can tell you that the applesauce complements the pork flavor quite well. Yessiree! Porkchops and applesauce are A-OK in my book!

Recipe for porkchops:
2 porkchops
Vegetable oil

Pour a bit of oil into a saucepan. When hot, place porkchops into the pan. Add salt and pepper to taste. Flip when brown. Oh, use medium heat.

Recipe for applesauce:

Put applesauce on porkchop. Serve.

All jokes aside, porkchop has to be the most uninteresting thing ever to make. I think even making instant noodles is more exciting. I am not going to bother attempting this again because it didn't even taste all that great. This is probably a good recipe for students though.

Btw, I feel like crap right now. No-no, it's not from the porkchop. I had 5 minigo's for lunch. What a big mistake. Next time I'll limit myself to 4. :D


airhead said...

I almost just laughed out in the middle of seminary class lecture.

michellejl said...

That sounds bland, indeed. lol I have a good recipe using apples and sweet potato. Pork chops can be fun! ;)

Tiffany said...