March 14, 2006


The other day, I was talking about buying more cd's -- there's a few new ones coming out:

  • Hillsong United
  • Building 429
  • Kutless?
  • Mercy Me
  • Jadon Lavik
  • Anyway, I was talking about these cd's with Andrew, and he remarked that I must have a huge CD collection since I'm always talking about buying this or that album. I guess I never really thought about it, I just assumed everyone buys CDs when they want them, and that they want ALL CDs.

    The idea that I might obsessed or fixated on having every CD for every band that I enjoy -- it made me a little self conscious about this problem that I have. I didn't think I had a very big collection. I bought a lot of Green Day and Mariah Carey album's in highschool. And others too, but nothing as obsessively as Mariah and Green Day. Then through most of university I illegally downloaded everything.

    Tapes wise, I only bought 1 tape ever -- "Kris Kross - Totally Krossed Out". Man, I loved those guys. With their backwards jeans.. and the miggida miggida miggida Mac Daddy.

    But CDs, I bought a lot of them once I started working. I erased all my mp3's and bought many of the CDs that I had mp3's of, either because I felt like I couldn't live without them, or because I felt guilty about having listened to the albums a lot without ever buying them. The latter choice was probably pretty dumb because now I have a bunch of CDs that I will probably never listen to again.

    But how big is big? Is 25 a lot? 50? How about 297?

    The next thing is realizing how much I've spent on the CDs, or let's say even music in general. That would include CD players, discmans, mp3 players, walkmans, on top of all the media. I'm a music junkie, I'm like the cookie monster with music. I can't stop. I don't want to. That's quite an "investment"...

    OK, so I don't have 297. But still, it's something for me to think about, especially next week when I buy 3 more to make it an even 300. Just kidding!


    b.p. said...

    the other day, i was counting my CD collection, and i had over 100 legit CDs, almost all of which are Christian-stream. at the rate of spending $10 or less for a CD (that's a rule i follow for myself), that's still a lot of money all together, even if i did get at least 50 CDs for free.

    eBrian said...

    Awesome! *Phew* I have less than 100. Although I don't have that same rule as you. I try to limit myself to under $15.

    mil said...

    Over 100 CDs? Wow!! I think I have around 50... but yeah I also won't buy them unless they are under $15 - it's the asian side of me! :P

    michellejl said...

    I have purchased one cd in the last oh 10 years or so! lol And 2 as a gift. All 3 came from recommendations on your blog. :) I know where to come for ideas when I have a little extra money (not often obviously! lol) But I still do enjoy reading the lyrics you post and listening along. Thanks!

    eBrian said...

    I think we all agree we spend too much on these things.. I was talking to another friend and he was saying he probably had 100 -- although I think he was speaking for his wife, so that's really only an average of 50. :P