March 16, 2006

March Madness

Because of Lent I'll miss all the games in March Madness. But here are my predictions. I picked UConn, Texas, Duke and Oklahoma as my final 4 when the season started. Hey, I got 2 out of 4, which is pretty sad actually. Oklahoma wasn't even close, while Texas ended up a #2 seed.

Once again all predictions were made based on the number of potential NBA players on each roster. Last year after UNC won, I predicted UConn would win this year. This year, I predict Kansas will win next year. Anyway, my breakdown -- and this is purely for my own safe-keeping as I know that 99% of the readers will think "oh great, not another sports post".

Round 1
Atlanta: Duke, Geo. Washington, Syracuse, LSU, West Virginia, Iowa, California, Texas
Oakland: Memphis, Arkansas, Pittsburgh, Kansas, San Diego St., Gonzaga, Alabama, UCLA
Washington: Connecticut, Kentucky, Washington, Illinois, Michigan St., North Carolina, Wichita St., Winthrop
Minneapolis: Villanova, Arizona, Nevada, Boston Coll., Oklahoma, Florida, Georgetown, Ohio St.

Sweet Sixteen
Atlanta: Duke, LSU, West Virginia, Texas
Oakland: Memphis, Kansas, Gonzaga, Alabama
Washington: Connecticut, Washington, Michigan St., Winthrop
Minneapolis: Villanova, Nevada, Florida, Georgetown

Elite Eight
Atlanta: Duke, Texas
Oakland: Kansas, Gonzaga
Washington: Connecticut, Michigan St.
Minneapolis: Villanova, Florida

Final Four
Duke, Kansas, Connecticut, Florida

Duke, Connecticut

Winner: Connecticut. 87-81.

Next Year Champs: Kansas

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michellejl said...

"oh great, not another sports post".
Not my exact words, but...hehehe
I'm just teasing, Brian. If you like writing about sports, you should write about them whenever the mood strikes.I know there are plenty of times my readers must think "oh great not another emotional post!" or somethin' hehe But hey, can't please everybody all the time.