May 08, 2003

blasted dog

Dusty behaved relatively well last night. He didn't start whimpering until 2am, so I got a good 2 hours sleep before he woke me up again. I had purchased some earplugs that evening but they were not good enough as I could still hear the yelps. Finally at 2:41am I realized if I didn't get more sleep I could be in danger of risking my health. So I put on my jacket, and left the condo. I walked back to my house, crept in quietly and parked myself on the couch upstairs. I finally had a decent night's rest. Final count is 5.5 hours of sleep in the last 2 days, which is still not my worst ever. But I think the difference is, in school you feel the affects a lot worse, because we'd get these 5.5 hours in 2-day span, but those would be sandwiched between two weeks of 4 hours per night. Plus we'd be studying or working.

Thinking about the last two nights has reminded me how glad that I finished school, and grateful that I don't have to write an exam today.

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