May 21, 2003

It's been a while since I last blogged.

This past weekend I bought a new couch and a gamecube. The couch was quite cheap, we went to Bad Boy Furniture (Nooooooooooobody!). They weren't kidding in the commercials, they had by far the cheapest stuff, and we checked just about every place else (Sears, Idomo, Ikea, Leons, The Brick). I got an L-shaped section sofa, for under $800. Anywhere else, sectionals cost at least $1200, so there! I also picked up a GC, along with Metroid Prime and Super Monkey Ball 2. I haven't mentioned much about the GC but i've actually done quite a bit of research in the last week or so.

The dog: I've finally figured out a way to beat the dog (no, not physically, though I do think about it sometimes!). Firstly, on the weekend I sleep on a couch back home so I can get a full nights rest. This past long weekend featured me getting 28 hours of sleep in 3 days. That, compared to the 21 hours I got all of last week because of the dog..

Tonight I went to bed a 9:30pm, and the dog woke me up at 5am! Ah-ha! 7.5 hours! Eat that, stupid dog! Also, I've given him less water so that I don't wake up and have to clean up a puddle of his urine every morning. Did I forget to mention he did that every morning last week? I'm sorry but I am not going to wake up at 4 in the morning, get dressed and take him downstairs for a walk! Stupid dog!

Ah, on Monday I tried to install Windows XP, but something stranged happened. I picked the Upgrade option, and yet the thing installed XP onto my D drive, and now I have a triple boot system. I already deleted Win98, but the PC still thinks I have it. Sigh.. i'm going to have to reformat real soon..

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