May 08, 2003

I forgot to mention that I saw X-Men 2 the same evening I passed my road test. The deal was that if I failed, my bro had to pay for himself, and if I passed, I'd treat him.

"X2" as everyone seems to be calling it, was a lot better than the first, um, ..X1? The mutants teamed up to defeat a human villain, the apparent 'father' of Wolverine. I kind of wish we could have seen a fight between Mystique and Lady Deathstrike. Mystique would've gotten her ass kicked though, and then she wouldn't have been able to break into the compound for the rest of em. Still, during that office scene I was really hoping for them to fight. That would've forced me to raise this movie by at least 10 points.

From what I've heard (I never read the comics myself), Deathstrike and Wolverine had been lovers. I'm sure they could have easily integrated that into the story. Supposedly Wolverine forgot everything, so I think they could've added their relationship into his flashbacks. That would've given the movie a double-lover's quarrel. Better yet would have been nice to see Wolverine spare her, so that she could make a return in the next movie.

I suppose Pyro will have more screentime next movie too. And let's not forget about Gambit, who was given honorable mention but never appeared in X2. Who could they get to play Gambit, I can't think of anyone right now. X3 will be even better I think. Since it'll probably take place in space, I think we'll get to see some crazy mutant battles, maybe to a grander scale like the Jedi battle in Star Wars 2!

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