May 14, 2003

mother's day
What kind of society do we live in that we need a day called Mother's Day? In our household, we strive to have Mother's Day every day. So suffice to say I see no point in this so-called Mother's Day 'special day'. Just the same, what the heck is Father's Day for? Isn't it sad that we live in a world where we need a special day to remind us of how much we love and appreciate our own parents?

The other day I never understood was St. Valentine's Day. Here is a day that you remember your significant other or spouse and treat him/her (i believe this is a bigger deal for guys*) with something special, err.. romantic. If this is the big day for romance, then the relationship must be pretty depressing. To think that one day could make up for the whole year.

*And yeah, while this is only a guess, I do think this ends up being bigger for the guy than the girl. You always see the poor guy running down the street in a panic looking for flowers or some candy. But for whatever reason, possibly the way God made us, the woman isn't scrambling around for something because either:

a) they don't need to do anything because it's the guy who really needs to come up big because they've been a lazy bum all year
b) they're more sensitive and have been planning this for months ahead

Anyway, the point is that if both people in the relationship are pulling their weight, there doesn't need to be a Valentine's Day. And that obviously applies for Mother's Day or Father's Day as well.

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