May 08, 2003

I'm a little embarassed to admit this, but I watch The Bachelor. I've been watching this season's edition every week and cheering for a couple of girls the whole way through. Last night, both my picks made it to the final 2. Eventually I'd like to think that the bachelor, Andrew will open his eyes and realize if he's any bit serious about the show he'll pick Jenn.

Originally when I first started watching the show, and realizing that these the relationships in these reality shows never amount to anything lasting, I felt Andrew should just make his picks solely on good looks. How often does a guy get to choose from 2 dozen beautiful women. So naturally I was hoping Andrew would make those types of decisions, at least if anything to boost my interest in the show, not to mention the rest of the men watching this show. So far, Andrew has not disappointed, by picking hot-stuff! Kirsten as one of the final 2. The scary thing is I think Andrew had sex with all 3 of them, they even recorded the sounds from his night with Tina, before he promptly booted her off the show the next day..

Not that I condone this behaviour, but it's all good in the nature of reality television. TV at its best.. lol

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