May 03, 2003

Yesterday we had our final segment of dealing with conflicts and personal relationships. We filled in another survey. I focused on my work relationships, I guess because I've been engulfed by work lately -- which is kinda sad, I never thought I'd be that kind of person..

Anyway after the survey I learned that I was an "avoiding" type of person, who withdraws from all conflicts. My second trait was "accomodating", which is someone who gives in to keep everyone happy. And my third was "collaborating", a person who looks for the best solution. The other two traits which I scored very low on were "compromising" and "forcing". All 5 were represented by animals, though I'm not really sure the connection or reasoning behind having animals at all. Perhaps to illustrate a compability with other people? Anyway, Forcing was a Shark, Collaborating was an Owl, Compromising was a Fox, Avoiding was a Turtle, and Accomodating was a Teddy Bear.

Our small group, though there wasn't much sharing going on was pretty well balanced out throughout, as I was able to sneak some glances at everyone's sheets.. (hehehe). Both our small group leaders were turtle/teddy bears like me. Dandaman referred to himself as a pushover, and for some reason that pretty much spread through the whole group, because no one volunteered any answers for the rest of the way. I guess everyone scored marginally high in those two categories too, so everyone started feeling a little self-conscious.

The Bible study was good though, we learned about how conflict is not necessarily a bad thing, it's just a matter of being able to deal with those conflicts in a timely and correct manner. Jesus said in Matthew 18:15-20, about how if you had a conflict with a brother, you confront them, and if they don't listen you bring a few witnesses, then bring them to the church, then finally stop being their friends.. This only applies to certains types of conflict though. I mean, I believe it depends on who is the "church" in your argument. Say you're in disagreement with someone about who is better, Vince Carter or Kobe Bryant. Well, you wouldn't go to church to settle your arguments, you'd end up going to the stat books to compare the two for the final word. And plus, such a disgreement isn't really like your brother sinned against you, it's just an opinionated conflict, which is the case for most personal conflicts nowadays.

Anyway afterwards we went to Kenny's Noodles, I had some bubble tea.

I've been to bubble tea 3 days in a row now. I went to the Ten Ren downstairs on Thursday and Wednesday with different friends!

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