May 12, 2003

Today I went up to my boss and asked him straight up, "Pete, what's the deal with my contract?", and he said "Well, I signed it, and Pete signed and it's down at financing now." (Pete is also his boss' name). So that's that I guess, he said that they signed me up for another 6 months under the same job title (no pay raise). And he said if finance were to reject it, they would have called him. So I'm gonna still go to work on May 24th, and see what happens..

Last night's Survivor was a little disappointing, Rob, the player I felt played the game the best, didn't make the top 2, and the eventual winner was one of those do nothing not all through the whole show but win anyway contestants. So it was disappointing to say the least. A 21 year old spoiled swimsuit model wins 1 million dollars. I felt a little cheated, but it's just a show.. and I was pretty entertained by this season's Survivor. The next one will be in Panama, apparently.

There's a funny smell in my kitchen. I didn't know what it was until the morning when I actually stopped and sniffed around for it. You see, we have a pine shelf from IKEA, which my dad had me stain with polyurethane (or was it polyethylene?). Anyway, the combination of the lovely smell of pine mixed with the stain produces a wonderful wet dog / urine smell. I just wonder how long this smell will last..

I started to download movies again. Yesterday I watched Anger Management, which was really really funny. The Matrix Reloaded is already on the internet, but I don't want to see it just yet.. Today I watched Spirited Away, the japanese version with english subtitles. It always gets me, the way the japanese draw their different characters. It's certainly unique from the way North Americans make theirs. The movie was alright, I could see why there was so much hype around it, it was quite good. I think I liked Princess Mononoke better though. The witch in the movie freaked me out a little, her head was pretty huge!

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