May 23, 2003

Dusty woke up right at 4:55 this morning. He started to whimper and I immediately got dressed, grabbed my bible and headed down to the "cards and games" room down on the second floor. Yesterday, I got through 20 chapters of Judges, and today I finished off Judges, Ruth and now am 7 chapters into 1 Samuel.

It's amazing how God spoon-fed His people all those years. How they would betray Him, somehow get screwed over and ask for His help again. In a way it is much like ourselves in how we take Him for granted, but in their cases whenever they call on Him it is usually in fear for their lives, whereas for us it is exams, or broken-heartedness, or sickness.

I read about the Samson, Ruth and now Samuel. I've just gotten to the part when the ark has been returned to the Israelites after the Philistines took it away from them after a huge battle. I was totally thinking about Indiana Jones each time they moved the ark from different cities of Philistine and how the God brought great sorrows and "tumors" against the people of each city that held the ark.

Anyway, it seems like almost a blessing now that this dog has thrown a loop into my daily activities.

The Raptors got only the 4th pick in the draft, meaning we miss the top 3, the 3 players who are considered major impact players. It was sad for me, but I did not cry. I'm betting that Mr. Grunwald cried though..

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