January 17, 2006


I had the most explosive diarrhea ever. Think Hiroshima meets Niagara Falls.

That is all.


michellejl said...

O K, Brian! :P
You and my daughter both! Ugh!
Hopefully that was at home, and not at work! That would be embarrassing! ;)

-A said...

Still?!? Guess you should have followed the "What was ate in Vegas, stays in Vegas".

Hope you get well soon.

C said...

Sleep, rest, drink clean water, eat some congee AND Wash Your Hands!!! Don't pass it on...please wash your hands.
take care :)

michellejl said...

I hope you are feeling better today. My daughter still has it. :S

out_there_q said...

did we not talk about lactase enzyme? =)