January 12, 2006

Red, Orange and Blue

When I was little, red was my favorite color. I liked it because of its intensity. Plus it was the color of things you need, like blood, love (for some reason I thought red = love). But anyway, as I got older I started to notice that boys like blue and GIRLS like red. And I didn't want people to think that I thought like a girl, so blue it was.

And blue it stayed. I liked blue. Blue skies.. and water. You need water to live. And pens were all in blue, that helped a lot. Also when you cry, you are feeling "blue". So there's another one. And the Leafs, they're blue. Not to mention the BLUE Jays.

Orange is color that I like when it comes to food. Sweet and sour BBQ pork is orange. Mango's are orange. And just about any candy that is orange-flavored usually rocks supreme over any of other flavors. Take orange Skittles for instance, they are by far the best Skittle. Then there's Fuzzy Peaches, they're orange too and are great. Orange popsicles.. Mmmm... Oh and what about Cheesies and Cheetos? Awesome snack.

But although Orange is a key color in my diet, I still like Blue. And I don't worry, I haven't forgotten about blueberries. Mmm...

Can you tell that I skipped breakfast today and that I'm starving?

The sea is blue, and I like to swim -- at least, when I'm not drowning.. because drowning sucks. But swimming is fun, as long as you're not drowning. Also it makes me think of soup.. Lamb stew perhaps.. oh but that's orange and red.

Also meats are all red, at least, to begin with. And it's the stop light. I like to stop. And greens if for Go. But green isn't the topic of this post. Plus mold is green, and boogers -- Ewwww. Not to mention envy.

Red hair is nice, although I don't know anyone with it. At least not naturally. Hot sauce is red. And ketchup, you can't forget about ketchup. Some people call it Catsup. And some forms of curry is red.

Did I mention that I'm starving right now?

But red is also the color for the communists.. and the confederate flags were red, although also blue. And people say they're red hot from anger. Anger is bad.

The United Nations flag is blue. And the Leafs, Blue Jays, Argo's, Indianapolis Colts, University of Connecticut, University of North Carolina. Blue is a great color. The lines on lined paper are blue. My mousepad is blue. Plus blue is for boys, although not just for boys.

Blue is the best.

Anyway, that is about as much politics as you'll ever see on this blog.

Blue. Vote for blue.


michellejl said...

Thanks for the silly post. It's almost lunch time (here anyway)but I'm thinking you are two hours ahead? Oh well, hope you get something to eat soon!lol

b.p. said...

what a creative way to illustrate your point! better than ending it with, "I'm not making this stuff up."