January 31, 2006


I'm visiting Ottawa, for the first time since.. 2001?

It's been a really long time since I've gone back to visit. And I'm going at the worst possible time -- winter, which is like the last place you want to be in wintertime. But I'm excited to go there. Because it's just been way too long. It's been so long that half the people I'd be visiting now live in Toronto.

The plan is to come weekend of 18-19th, and take either the Friday before or the Monday after off, just mainly for travelling purposes. Monday is probably better, in that case. And I'm still debating on whether to drive there or take the train. I've never driven 4 hours before.

Next: Bulgogi

The next thing I want to learn to make is the marinade sauce used for Korean BBQ ribs. So this time, my cooking expedition will involve something I want to eat, whereas the last one was just a challenge.

Gosh, if I can replicate that taste (and yes, I know you can buy the sauce too), I doubt I'd ever eat a tv dinner again!


b.p. said...

from what i heard, j.moe is going up that weekend too!

i think bulgogi is mostly just soya sauce and sugar (and optional, some vinegar) :)

eBrian said...

O RLY? Nice, I guess I'll see him there then.

There's also sesame seed oil and scallions. It shouldn't be too hard, just the brisket, it's mainly a matter of what meat and how to get it.