January 06, 2006

Huff n Puff

For those who haven't heard -- I put on 12 pounds during my vacation. All of mom's cooking and eating out while on the road in Los Angeles did me in. I probably got more exercise than usual, but the food.. mmmm.. the food.

One thing I've found since coming back from vacation, and having put on all that weight, is that I'm always hot. Not by appearance mind you -- but taking a few steps here and there, running up some stairs, and I'm completely soaked in sweat. Flustered, flushed, and red, just from a few stairs.

So it's like before, I was just tired from it because I was out of shape. But now I'm a little overweight so the result is that I am tired, but also sweating. I've also found that I need less layers of clothes. Now whether that is because the weather has warmed a little, or because I'm fatter, that remains to be seen.

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