January 25, 2006

Love Monkey

I've been watching this new show, which is on Tuesday nights on CBS.

The show is about this guy named Tom Farrell (played by Tom Cavanagh from Ed), who is a music/artist label/record guy. He's 30-some years old who just got fired from a larger record label company and has joined an independent label. He also just got dumped by his girlfriend.

The stories surround him and his love life, along with the struggles of dealing with star-artists and new up-and-coming artists, signing them to deals and concerts, etc.

You can read all about it here.

Anyway, one of my favorite parts of the show is how they are constantly bringing in new artists. Because it's an independent label, they tend to get all the small-timer artists and you get to hear them play/sing, and it's totally awesome. Aside from that, there are many guest appearances by bigger names as well. And they all know Tom, since he's worked with him before at some point.

Tom's got this awesome habit where whenever he hears or sees something related to the music industry, whether it be a famous quote, lyric from a song, interviews, album covers etc, he'll point it out. That reminds me of me, I constantly do that too, although not out loud. Maybe I should be more vocal so people will laugh at me and think I'm weird.

Maybe what makes this show good for me is that I can relate to the guy.

I've seen 2 episodes and I'm hooked.


ina said...

Love Monkey is okay ... i've watched bits and pieces ... mostly because I liked Ed ... and this has the same feel to Ed (maybe just because of Tom Cavanaugh) ...

BUT ... my money's on this show being cancelled before or by the end of the half season.

eBrian said...

I wouldn't be surprised if it did. It's been described as a men's Sex in the City. Sex in the City was hugely popular because of its female audience. Not many guys will care to watch a men's Sex in the City.

We need guns, shiny red cars, big guys either hitting a ball, big guys hitting a ball (or puck) with a stick, or hitting eachother with their fists or with a stick, and beautiful women parading around in their underwear. And fortunately (or unfortunately?) that's not what this show is about.