January 10, 2006

Stumbling block

I've got a co-worker hooked on World of Warcraft. He asked me if he should get Civilization 4 or WoW. I suggested he not get WoW because it was too addictive and it would ruin his life.

The next monday, he comes to work with red eyes like he hasn't slept in a few days. He tells me the WoW is the best game he's every played in his entire life. It's not just a game.. it's like an entirely different world. It's not just fighting.. it's a life.

Each day since then, whenever "the boss" isn't around, he's asking me about builds, specs, strategies. He's completely obsessed with the game. He comes in every day looking exhausted and the bags under his eyes are getting bigger and bigger.

Remind you of anyone?

Yesterday I spent 2.5 hours in Molten Core with my guild. We've come a long way from where we started, when it used to take us 5 hours to get through it. This is far more manageable. 2.5 hours. That's fast.

Anyway, for 2.5 hours I further confirmed my former inklings that I had very little desire to continue playing. Heck, the only reason I played was because they asked for my help. I wouldn't have otherwise gone. Or is it supposed to be "Otherwise I wouldn't have gone"? Or "I otherwise wouldn't have gone"? Anyway, I am at around 5% desire to play, which is about a 495% decrease from a year ago.

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michellejl said...

You will probably feel a lot better once you quit playing (after the withdrawal period :P) My husband was addicted to a different game, and he would yell at the kids or me if we bothered him while he was playing. It got to be too much. One day he got mad and destroyed the game, and I think that was the happiest day of my life! haha
Besides, once you get into the community and start serving people, I think that will give you more satisfaction than a video game??