January 22, 2006

New pot

Haha.. that's a deceiving statement isn't it. No, I have not resorted to drugs.

I got a new pot today. It's a dutch oven, which is basically a short stockpot but that is normally used for slow cooking in the oven. I was hoping for an 8 quart one but had to settle for a 6.

I read a bunch of reviews and reports and it seems like I got a pretty good mid-ranged pot. The best seems to be the All-Clad brand, but those things cost and arm and a leg and I can't justify it yet. Perhaps I might get an All-Clad frying pan, since it's something that I personally would use more. I got a Cuisinart.

The next step probably to a herb rack. I need something like that or something that I can put in the cupboard that turns, like a lazy susan herb rack. My plan tomorrow is to take an inventory of the herbs I have. Mom left me a ton of stuff but I don't know what's in there. All I've ever used is the ketchup, salt, sugar, soy sauce and steak stuff.

It seems strange but I need to clean the kitchen, like all of it -- clean out all the cupboards and drawers, and reorganize everything. And throw out a LOT of stuff. And the other thing, well actually it's something I dread the most about cooking -- is the part afterwards when you have to do the dishes.

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michellejl said...

I got a stock pot for a wedding present, and it works great for the oven/stove. I think it is the same brand as yours. I still LOVE my slow cooker more though, I use it at least a few times a week. We will be both be in the kitchen... on my list of things to do involves thoroughly cleaning out the fridge, an entire bottle of soya sauce leaked onto all the food, what a nice surpise to wake up to! And all the other cleaning you mentioned too. How can you tell I'm procrastinating? lol
Have a good day!