January 04, 2006

New sights

When we started our drive out to Los Angeles from Las Vegas, it was extremely windy and as we drove up the freeway, I saw tumbleweed. The stuff you see in those western movies! It was such a joy, they were rolling around all over the place. We even ran over one of them, it was at least 2 feet tall!

I even saw one that was nearly 3 feet tall. Cars were afraid to hit it (even though it's just a dried up plant and basicall harmless) and were swerving all over the road to avoid it.


We saw a waterfall inside an underground parking lot, off the infamous Rodeo Drive. We were looking for parking and we turned in when we saw the big "P" sign. Turns out it was a $20 lot with valet service. There was also a hair salon down there.

Fortunately one of the valet boys kindly pointed us in the right direction (out of there) and towards a free parking lot.


Rodeo Drive had chandeliers for lamp posts, instead of.. well, regular lamp posts. Also, I saw at one of those insanely expensive jewellry stores, a diamond-encrusted iPod bag. I have a picture of it which I'll post when I get home (if you happen to read this during the day).

Loose ends

And of course there's that wig, I'll never forget the look on that guy who ran to pick up the wig, and then the look on the woman's face when he plopped it back on her head. Still has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.


Interesting movie, highly entertaining. I have always liked Matthew McConaughey. He's so good looking and really, who can resist that southern accent?

National Treasure

Despite me hating Nicolas Cage, I really enjoyed this movie. It was like a cheap american rip-off of the Da Vinci Code.. but it was good. Very entertaining and very interesting too. And funny. I love sidekicks, they're always so funny.

Tae Guk Gi

Great film. Best Korean film ever made, apparently. Probably the most expensive too. You have to see it.. if you can find it. Should be rated R though.. very graphic. If you thought Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan were gross, think again.


Awesome movie. 3 hours short with amazing cinematic pictures, the computer graphic imagining was crisp and fit very well in the film. The humanization of Kong was great. You could feel was he was feeling, you could sense his unhappiness, his uneasiness, his desires. Naomi Watts -- breakthrough performance. Jack Black can act. Nice to see Hanks' kid in a big blockbuster movie such as this, for more exposure. I thought the worm scene was unnecessary. I had to look away... too gross.


Loved it. Paz Vega was very different from the previous Latin women we've seen. She was good looking, but not "hot" like some of the others (Cruz, Hayek). She was outspoken yet reserved, gorgeous but not in a gratuitous way. They didn't make a point out of her beauty -- they just let her act like they would with a normal American actress. And it was good. And Adam Sandler proved again that he can be a normal guy and not stereotypical crazy, angry person we've seen so many times. Tea Leoni played the role of the stuck up, oblivious woman. I've met people like her and yes, they are really annoying.

Love Actually

After hearing Ina rave on and on about this movie I finally had a chance to watch it. It's a story about love in just about every way you can imagine it. I sat there by myself watching this movie on my brother's laptop (because of the jetlag I was always up 2-3 hours before everyone else) and nodded to myself to situations in the movie, cried when sad things inevitably happened, and laughed when things worked out. I think the great thing about the movie is that it's true. You sit there in agreement because you know that it's all true, that you've been through the same experiences that many of the characters have been through.

Could anything be worse than the total agony of being in love?


After just about no sports whatsoever since Vegas doesn't have any teams, I come home to this, a team that was 7-7 in December and now 1-0. And I love it. Just 29 more wins and I'll be satisfied.

Fever Pitch

That reminds me, I saw Fever Pitch too. This was a fun love story about a guy who was completely and utterly obsessed with the Boston Red Sox and had trouble finding women who would be able to put up with his obsession while being in a committed relationship. Much like my video gaming, he watched it non-stop spending the 3-4 hours required to watch a game every day for the entire season. He also wore Red Sox clothes, pajamas, had blankets, bedsheets, pillows, soap dishes, shower curtains, etc. All BoSox. In the end he gets the girl without having to give up his video gam--errr.. I mean baseball. ;)

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