January 10, 2006

NFL Playoffs

I have been enjoying the NFL Playoffs this year especially because of the big screen and the high definition. So much so that I've watched every game possible (aside from the one I missed because of the Illuminate meeting). I even watched the boring Patriots beat the terrible Jaguars. It wasn't exactly the most exciting game, but something about the quality of the show, mixed in with the wonderful sounds just made it that much better.

What's more, because I am watching digital, I get to watch the American commercials, which is just a totally added bonus.

This year, I don't have a particularly favorite team but I am hoping for a more exciting finish, that is, not a blowout per se or a insanely defensive game -- but at least a well balanced game. Although in years past I've cheered against the Patriots, this year Tom Brady is actually earning his previous MVP votes and actually doing something like throwing the ball more than 10 yards at a time. So overall the Pats aren't really that boring a team to watch.

A couple of the teams I'm really dreading to see in the Superbowl are the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins. Those two teams are terribly offensively challenged.

This past weekend watching the wildcard teams play really helped explain why they were wild-card teams in the first place. Offenses were stalled, defenses were making all kinds of mistakes. It was ugly at times. Although still very nice looking :)

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