April 30, 2006


I feel so alive right now. I just got back from the grand finale of ACEM's 28th Annual Missions Conference, held at Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church. Rev. Jamie Hudson Taylor spoke. Every sermon that I heard this past weekend either confirmed everything in my personal vision, or totally blew me away with God's amazing and awesome grace. Stories of how people were saved brought tears to my eyes, how these amazing heroic people we call missionaries faced trials and tribulations to reach the finish line.

Jamie Hudson Taylor is (I think) the 5th generation of Hudson Taylor's, the original being the one who founded China Inland Missions, and the man of lore we all hear about, travelling to China as one of the first western missionaries in China. It was totally awesome tonight, he delivered his entire sermon in Chinese (Mandarin) and then Domenic Tse [fan yi] translated. And there were times when Rev. Jamie had to correct Domenic's english.

This morning's sermon was great too, by Rev. Michael Sandstrom, a missionary in Northern Alberta, who is ministering to the First Nations people there. I was praying last night and this morning that somehow we could find a better way to promote Longlac, and my prayers were answered in Michael's sermon. It was a direct challenge to the congregation to go for missions, and he spoke about the First Nations people. I don't suppose we got any more volunteers, but it was cool to see God answer my prayers in that form.


The song you're listening to is called "Alive" by Building 429. I thought it would be fitting for this entry. I've been listening to this CD more lately now that I had gone over the deep end (overkill) of the Hillsong United CD. I'll post a review of "Rise - Building 429" soon. But what I can say quickly, is that it's even better than their first offering.

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