April 18, 2006

This past week

For Good Friday (Thursday) we had our first ever production, with choir, music and actors. It was the story of Jesus with characters like Nicodemus, Caiaphas and Joseph. It was a very touching story and at the end it was capped off with Nichole Nordeman's "Why" -- a very very touching song that I'm sure brought a tear to many people's eyes. The impact of death, and moreso, death for my sake has always been a humbling, shameful and emotional time for me. Easter is a time of rejoicing that our sins have been washed away, but for me it is always a time of deep reflection and mourning.

These past few days, living with my parents again, has been challenging. I love them very much and I am happy they're here, but at the same time I miss living alone. It's quieter -- complete silence can actually exist -- and there's less complaining, nagging and bickering. On the flip side there's more food, less loneliness.

When I came home on Thursday evening, my brother came up to me and said "Brian, check out your room." Immediately I felt fear that my room had been cleaned and precious things had been thrown away. Sure enough, I walked in and it was clean, cleaned out that is. Don't get me wrong, it is cleaner than ever.. actually I don't remember a time it has ever been this clean, not since we saw the place before we bought it. But everything has been moved around, I don't know where most of my things are. I think once my parents leave I will need to get my bearings and figure out where everything is again.

I'm not looking forward to when my parents leave, but then at the same time, I am looking forward to things getting back to "normal". My parents read this blog on occasion, so let's just leave it at that :)

Baptism Sundays are my favorite, favorite Sundays. I think I am happier on Baptism Sunday's than I am on Christmas Day. I dunno if that is blasphemous or not. In fact it almost feels like Christmas morning, sitting in front of the Christmas tree, waiting to unwrap all the presents. Anyway this past Sunday, my friend Kenric got baptised along with 9 other people, and that made me very very happy. It's one thing to have so many baptisms, but when close friends get baptised that is a double bonus. It's like you just gained a sibling or something, it's pretty sweet.

Andrew's brother Allan also got baptised, and also Garman from my small group. And a whole slew of teens, a couple of whom I actually know and have talked to. It's also always so very exciting to hear about how God has changed the lives of people, and how their walks have progressed and matured. We're talking major awesomeness all around!

The Raptor season is over. Well, the truth is it was over weeks ago.. but officially it ends on Wednesday night. Last night I went to the last home game of the season. It was absolutely horrifying, the way they played. Awful. The highlight of night was when the announcer noticed Cindy Klassen in the audience. He announced her and Dick Bavetta (the ref) went over and brought her out to centercourt. The entire place erupted in a standing ovation.

5 Medals, nothing but class, humilty and grace. She's one amazing gal and a true Canadian hero. Oh, and for those who haven't heard -- Cindy intends to become a missionary after she retires.

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